Maths Teachers, Engineers in Shortage in UK

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UK Needs Engineers and Maths Teachers UK is said to be in extremely urgent need of maths teachers and engineers among other 34 professions which are in shortage. They have been put under “shortage occupations” by Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) of UK. The other occupations which have found place in shortage occupation list are – paediatricians, rehabilitation medicine, psychiatry, mechanical engineers in oil and gas industry, nuclear safety case engineer, piping design engineer, geologists, electronics and communication engineers, informatician, bio-informatician, computer games designer, etc.

This was disclosed by British deputy prime minister Nick Clegg on Friday.

The MAC said that the number of specialist UK jobs which needed to be filled by workers from outside the European Economic Area was falling. Its report recommends a reduction in employment of shortage occupation list to 180,000 employees, less than 1% of the total workforce. In 2008, total employment covered by the list was in excess of 1 million.

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