MCI Proposes 2 Entrance Exams To Pursue PG Medical Courses

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MCI Proposes 2 Entrance Tests To Pursue PG Medical Courses Medical Council of India (MCI) is understood to be considering introduction of one more entrance test for medical graduates willing to pursue post graduation. The first of the two layer entrance tests, to be held immediately after final MBBS will assess theoretical knowledge of the candidates, while the second, to be called licentiate test will be held after internship. The latter will test the candidate on practical understanding of medicine.

The present scheme of single PG entrance test, which is held after internship but does not involve licentiate test, has been proposed to be changed to two layer for, there had been complaints that medical graduates have been observed to not take internship seriously and so a test on practical knowledge should be necessary. Actually in the current scheme of single PG entrance test, students are inclined to concentrate more on impending test after the internship rather than internship itself. A theoretical test before internship and practical oriented test after the internship is expected to make more sense.

MCI chairman Dr R K Shrivastava is understood to have told TOI that the proposal will be discussed shortly and if approved will be implemented as early as possible.

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