New Format For JEE 2014 In The Offing

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New Format For JEE Advanced 2014 Proposed Though this year JEE Advanced, the entrance gateway for prestigious IITs , is going to be with objective type questions at it has always been in its earlier avatar of IIT-JEE, IIT-B is mulling on the idea of changing the pattern in 2014.

According to IIT-B director, the proposed format is neither multiple choice questions (MCQ) nor is purely subjective requiring students to write long answers.

Students will be told to solve problems and write answers only, without giving steps. For the descriptive type answers, they may be of “complete the following” way. In this way the students have to get the answers on their own and not just pick the one from multiple options.

The proposal for changing the format has already been considered but this year the same format as ever was retained as with the two tier exam system with JEE Mains and JEE Advanced, only introduced this year a bit late than expected due to some controversies around them, the change in pattern would have added more worries to the students with less time to prepare to face it.

An IIT professor said that in currently adopted MCQ format a right answer can be arrived at by smartly eliminating wrong answers, where as real performance may be judged only when students are able to solve the problems independently.

The new format is currently in just stage of proposal. It has to first get the approval from senates of other IITs. The proposal will have to be forwarded to Joint Admission Board (JAB) for final consideration, the official said.

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