No Change In Engineering JEE Schedule – Kapil Sibal

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Seemingly contradicting the assurance offered by the PM Dr Manmohan Singh to IIT Faculty Federation, the HRD Minister reiterated that there is no change in the decision of introducing the engineering JEE from 2013. Sibal insisted that it was not his decision (on holding the single entrance test) but a decision taken by the IIT council which is a statutory authority under the IIT Act and thus IITs have by and large accepted the decision, hence the question of rollback does not arise.

While a section of the IIT faculty and the alumni have been opposing the move tooth and nail, demanding that the new system should not be implemented before 2014, the government is likely to ask the joint admission board of the IITs soon to prepare the modalities for conducting the advanced test under the proposed common entrance test. Sources also said that the Senates of IIT-Bombay, IIT-Madras and IIT-Kharagpur held internal meetings about the proposed exam and possible alternatives in the two-tier test.

Meanwhile IIT-Delhi Senate scheduled to meet on Thursday to discuss its response to the common entrance test. IIT-Kanpur had recently decided to conduct its own entrance test, terming as “academically and methodically unsound” the May 28 decision of the IIT Council to hold the common entrance test. This makes the meeting of the IIT-Delhi Senate significant. If IIT-Delhi chooses to back Kanpur faculty members, the ministry will have to seriously reconsider at least some aspects of the current formula, say experts.

In a recent interview Sibal had referred to the IIT system saying that the quality of IITs is because of the best students come to these institutes and praised the faculty for that, but questioned the IITs as to why nothing was done for last 40 years by them to improve the overall quality of technical education and there may always be something better than what they have been doing, which the IITs must understand.

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