No Exams Upto Class VIII Meets Opposition at Education Ministers’ Meeting

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no exam decision opposed by state education ministers The decision to do away with exams up to class VIII, came under heavy fire from Education Ministers of various states at the first meeting of the Sub committee of Central Advisory Board of Education, held in New Delhi on Monday 6th August 2012.

Education Ministers from various states are learnt to hold the view that now there is no way to assess a student until he takes his first examination in Class X.

Education ministers from most States said that the school teachers did not have the experience or the time to implement the evaluation system introduced after scrapping of examinations. Class X results in some states had shown a negative impact after students were exempt from the examinations in previous classes and there has been observed a fall of about 4-5% in the results at Class X.

Students have become “complacent” as they do not have to take exams. Most states also do not have the infrastructure to carry out an evaluation of students outside the system of examination, so it becomes extremely difficult for schools as well as for guardians to assess how the child is faring in studies, opined the state education ministers.

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