Now Executive Council At DU Approves 4 Year Degree

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Executive Council At DU Approves 4 year Degree The highest decision making body – Executive Council – at Delhi University (DU) has now adopted the resolution of 4 year bachelor’s degree (with Honors) on Wednesday. The course was already approved by Academic Council (AC) of DU on Monday. As such, the way is now clear for launch of 4 year bachelor’s degree course with Honors from the academic session of 2013-14.

However, three members of Academic Council, which include two by elected teachers’ representatives and one by a DU Court, had recorded their dissent.

The press statement issued by the university says, “The Council members also expressed their confidence that all teachers who are members of course committee and faculties shall perform their duties in preparing the course syllabi in accordance with course structure approved by the AC and shall do so in the desired time frame.”

While the 4 year bachelor’s degree course will become a reality from academic session of 2013-14, the objections from the members will still be discussed in subsequent meetings of Academic Council to be conducted in syllabi approval process.

One of the members, S C Panda, is understood to have objected to the provision of exit at the end of the second year with an associate Baccalaureate degree. According to him, the provision allowing the student to opt out with a diploma is potentially harmful to higher education the promotion of which should be the basic objective of university education. The terminology Baccalaureate degree is a diploma given to students on completion of senior secondary education, and so the dissenting members sought rephrasing of the name of the degree.

The university will now set up a committee of college teachers to prepare the course structure. The syllabi will then be prepared by the course committees of the respective courses. The courses will be placed at the AC for final approval. As per DU sources, professional courses such as BBA, BBE and Bachelors of Financial Investment and Analysis will be restructured to fit the new program.

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