Nyayavalokan National Trial Advocacy Competition : PGCL Initiative

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Nyayavalokan National Level Trial Competition While most law colleges focus on conducting and participating in moot courts to supplement legal academics, Moot Court Society (MCS) at Pravin Gandhi College of Law (PGCL) has been organising since three years, now their flagship event of national level, Nyayavalokan National Trial Advocacy Competition, an opportunity for participants to be able to inculcate other complementary skills for trial like witness interrogation, scrutiny of relevant documents, analytical case presentation in the backdrop of criminal law. The event is a simulation of sorts that will help participants grasp the rules of evidence, how to find contradictions, and create a case based on deduction and analysis.

While the crime scene and evidences that are ‘created’ seem much like out of an episode of Law and Order, the cases themselves are inspired from novels like that of Jeffery Archer. This event has been coupled with a judgment writing competition. One member of the participating teams will only observe the trial, without involving themselves in anyway with the procedure, following which they will prepare a judgment based on their inferences of the trial. This allows the novice to observe a case with a balanced view rather than from one side. It allows one to develop the perspective of a litigation lawyer and skills for a balanced argument.

The response to the event has been steadily rising, as witnessed by the demand to increase the number of participation accepted.

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