Oztern Launches E-Learning Study Packages For Entrance Exam Preparations

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Oztern Launches E-learning Gadget A Technopark-based educational technology research and development company Oztern Technology, inaugurated a unique formula for effective e-learning, Tuesday at the hands of IT and Industries Minister P.K. Kunhalikutty. The new formula is promising to bring about a sea change in the way learning is conducted especially in schools in rural areas and remote locations.

Oztern claims the formula has the right mix of study content, adaptive learning technology and user engagement with gameplay mechanics. It is designed to impart personalised learning which makes it possible to assess and understand individual student strength and weakness. The innovative adaptive learning technology can deliver high quality content that is customised to meet a student’s specific needs. This new e-learning system is implemented with adaptive learning technology based on artificial intelligence.

Oztern is introducing study packages for entrance test preparation for medical, engineering and chartered accountancy courses. Other courses include foundation programs for students in Classes 6-10, interactive learning programs for students in Classes 1-5, English language programs and employment coaching for competitive exams in government and banks.

Students do not need the Internet to study the content available in the gadget. These educational gadgets are powered by ‘Cloud Computing’ using normal USBs/tablets and computers.

The new technology engages students by incorporating gaming into the study program. The system rewards the student’s achievements and motivates them to reach their study goals within the available time.

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