Parliamentary Panel on HRD Oppose Automatic Promotion Till Std 8

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Parliamentary Panel on HRD Oppose No Fail Till Class 8 Policy A parliamentary panel on HRD has advised the Ministry against the provision of automatic promotion till Std 8 under the Right To Education (RTE), saying that policy will demotivate the students and parents, teachers and peer groups may not always make efforts to pursue the child to have quality education thus denying the students an opportunity to learn through the process and be prepared with cognitive faculties to take on to higher grade examinations.

The report of the standing committee on HRD was tabled in the Parliament of Thursday. “If a child is not motivated to work hard for being aware of automatic promotion, it may not be also matured enough to understand the implications of he/she being required to sit for formal examination from class IX onwards and obtain minimum benchmark,” the report says.

The panel has also taken the support of findings of NCERT Learning Achievement Survey, to express its concern on the “No Fail Till Std 8″ policy while issuing the ministry an advisory to rethink on the provision.

The provision of automatic promotion till Std 8 have also been opposed by various quarters including the academia and parents apart from a sub-committee set up under the Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE) which is examining the provision.

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