Women Are Less Inclined To Join Medical Schools

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UGC Report on Women Students According to a report published by University Grant Commission (UGC) for the year 2010-11, a mere 4.68% of medicos are women. The report pegs the enrollment of only 41.5% of women students in overall enrollment in various courses at all levels in University / colleges and other institutions of higher education during 2010-11 academic year. In terms of numbers, only 70.49 lakhs students were women among the total enrollment of 169.75 lakhs students.

Goa is observed to be on the top with 61.2% of women in higher education, followed by Kerala at 56.8%. Surprisingly Andaman & Nicobar stands third in the women enrollment for higher education at 52%, according to the report.

The mere under 5% of the women opting for medical education is attributed to the long duration of the medical course along with one-year of compulsory service in the rural area, that too on a very ridiculously low pay. Some women drop out of the medical course and some during practice, due to the fair gender not being able to bear through the long term of course and rural service, the experts say. The experts say it takes around 10 years to settle down as a doctor since entry into the medical course.

Here is the percentage break-up of women’s enrollment in various sectors as per the UGC report -

  • Arts 42.21%
  • Science 19.14%
  • Commerce & Management 16.12%
  • Education 4.6o%
  • Engineering & Technology 11.36%
  • Medicine 4.68%
  • Agriculture 0.36%
  • Veterinary Science 0.10%
  • Law 1.19%
  • Others 1.24%
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