PhD Theses To Stand Scrutiny By Anti-Plagiarism Software At Pune Varsity

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In a first, the University of Pune (UoP) management council has approved independent policies for promotion of research and approach to curbing plagiarism, which refers to presenting another person’s work as one’s own work. The University of Pune has decided to subscribe to popular software to detect plagiarized portions of thesis and dissertations submitted by students engaged in doctoral (PhD) research.

While the university has a fair record of generating quality academic research, there have been instances in the past when researchers from the teaching staff in the on-campus postgraduate departments of microbiology and chemistry had to face stringent action for plagiarism.

A couple of research advisory councils, comprising highly eminent experts, for science and non-science areas, will be set up as part of the new research policy. The move is aimed at ensuring that there is an effective curb on the tendency to plagiarize research in the university. Among other things, the policy spells out in detail the definition of plagiarism, what constitutes an intentional and an unintentional plagiarism, ways to detect the same and the punitive action against those found guilty.

The University Grants Commission has recommended an anti-plagiarism software, used internationally, to check intentional and unintentional acts. The software can go through huge databases, even those which may not be in public domain, and identify possible plagiarized portions.

Starting academic year 2012-13, all theses and dissertations will have to be made available by the doctoral research students as a soft copy so that the research advisory council can run through the anti-plagiarism check using the software. The submission of thesis/dissertations will be cleared only after such check.

The policy states that depending on the severity of crime, the punishment could be a fine or warning, rustication for limited period or permanent and withdrawal of degree. Usually, an expert committee or the board of studies investigates and assesses the extent of plagiarism, whenever such instance is reported, then takes a call on the quantum of punishment.

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