President Launches Aakash 2 Tablet

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President Launches Aakash 2 Tablet The advanced version of Indian low cost tablet Aakash 2 was launched on Sunday by President Pranab Mukherjee. Coming at a price of Rs.1130 for students, the new version ‘Aakash 2′ tablet, which will be made available to students of engineering colleges and universities to begin with, is powered by a processor running at 1 GHz, has 512 MB, a 7 inch capacitative touch screen an a battery working for normal operations.

It has been developed under the aegis of IIT Bombay with the active support of C-DAC. Datawind is rolling out the device. “The price is Rs.2,263 at which the government purchases the device from us. The government subsideses it by 50% and it will be given to students at Rs.1,130,” said Datawind CEO, Suneet Tuli.

He said the government is also trying to encourage states to chip in by subsidising it further, so that the device can be available to students free of cost.

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