Reprive To Current Indian Students at LMU But License Remains Revoked

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LMU Students Allowed to Continue But License Remains Revoked In a new development the HC has allowed 359 Indian students and over 2000 other non-EU students to continue their ongoing courses. However, the immigration officers have clarified that the license of London Metropolitan University (LMU) still remains revoked. The court has only permitted LMU to seek a judicial review of the revocation of its license to admit and teach non-EU students, by UK Border Agency (UKBA). The UKBA spokesperson has clarified that judge has only granted the interim relief to the legitimate ongoing students and not changed the sponsor status of the University.

UKBA agreed to allow existing genuine students to continue studying at the university until their course has ended or the end of the academic year, whichever is sooner, as long as they meet the right standards. However the students who do not meet the immigration criteria won’t be allowed to stay any more the official clarified.

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