School Students To Recite Preamble To Constitution In Morning Assembly

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Reciting Preamble to Constitution of India Made Compulsory in Schools Maharashtra Government has passed a resolution to make every school in the state, irrespective of its board affiliation or medium, to introduce the practice of reciting Preamble to Indian Constitution in the assembly held at start of the school everyday.

The relevant Government Resolution (GR) passed by the state government also advises the schools to have the Preamble to Indian Constitution to be put either on the wall or large board to be immediately visible at the entrance of the schools.

The GR further suggests that the schools should also organise quizzes, essay competitions, drawing competitions, slogan/posters-making and chorus singing competitions on the theme of Constitution.

The move is aimed at making students aware of the Indian Constitution and their responsibilities, duties towards the nation and also their rights.

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