Soon Earn While You Learn For Undergraduate Engineering Students

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Earn While You Learn Scheme For Undergraduate Engineering Students IITs are mulling a proposal for launching a novel scheme, on similar lines with western universities, to allow under-graduate engineering students from premier technical institutes to teach and earn.

IITs have proposed mentoring the top 15% under-graduate students from IITs, National Institute of Technology (NITs), Indian Institute o Science Education and Research (IISER) through a teacher training program.

The proposal was on agenda at the IIT council meet on January 7. IITs hope that this joint program will enhance teacher quality and mitigate faculty shortage. The selected student could be asked to undergo a trainee teacher program at NITs.

The reliable sources said that, while initially they would assist in teaching they would simultaneously go through part-time post-graduate and doctoral programs so they can acquire higher education qualification that is a prerequisite for teaching at IIT and NITs.

Students taking up teaching programs is a regular feature in western countries for students typically pursuing PG programs. Students avail of assistantships to help pay fees.

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