SPJIMR Introduces Woman Manager Program

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Management Course Especially for Women The Family Managed Business (FMB) department of SP Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) has recently introduced a program – Women Manager Program (WMP) – tailor made for women looking to involve themselves in family businesses.

The program aims to help women from business families to learn and understand business concepts with equal weightage on family and business issues. Women from business families face a peculiar position. Traditionally, they are not expected to work and tend to spend a good amount of their time parenting. In the process, their exposure to the world is limited. Once the children grow up, there is a vacuum in their lives. Family businesses, on the other hand, need talent and 50 per cent of the family talent, in the form of talent in women, remains untapped. Now that business has become gender-neutral, time-neutral and location-neutral, the possibility for women playing a stronger role in their family’s business has increased. The program provides management inputs to these women to help them contribute in thinking for the business.

The curriculum covers all subjects required for understanding business, family dynamics and individual. It is oriented to get required knowledge to be able to interact with subject specialists. It aims to broaden the perspectives to include global as well as growth dimensions.

WMP is a value addition certificate program where participants gain knowledge about business, family dynamics and self. They learn about these dimensions in general, about applicability in their own situation in particular and eventually making a plan of how each of these dimensions will evolve in next three years. They gain skills of asking the right questions, communication, numbers, computers etc. Finally the program strengthens appropriate attitudes, builds confidence, conviction, courage and compassion within students.

The program duration is 12 months. Women looking to enroll for the program should be above 35 years of age and should have an inclination to run business.

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