Statisticians Have Bright Future

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The future is bright for statistics as it has numerous applications in various fields like planning, economics, information technology, genome technology and data mining, asserted professors at an event held at University of Hyderabad (UoH) on Friday. The event was held to mark the sixth Statistics day. The program was held at the C R Rao Advanced Institute of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Sciences, Hyderabad (AIMSCS).

The scope of the applications of statistics can be explained in a simple acronym i.e. ‘signature’ where ‘s’ stands for statistics, ‘i’ for information technology, ‘g’ for genome technology and research and the rest is ‘nature’, the environment. Statistics will have a vital role to play in all these areas in the 21st century, said S B Rao, former director of AIMSCS in his opening address.

Statistics has many applications in planning and economics too. Also, in areas like agriculture, statistics can play a major role in determining the outputs of community cultivation vs individual cultivation. The speakers also spoke about the need for new techniques, theories for multi dimensional analysis for large samples of data.

The program also included the prize distribution ceremony for the fourth state level Statistics Olympiad which was held in January. The winners of the senior and junior categories were awarded prizes and 11 other merit certificates were also distributed to students from different schools.

Adopted From : TOI

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