Std XII CBSE Student To Get Six Marks Gratis For Error

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CBSE To Grant 6 Grace Marks For Mistake In Std XII Maths Paper A committee of experts set up by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to take a review of marking scheme has suggested to grant 6 marks gratis to all those students who received set #3 of mathematics paper in Std XII board exam recently concluded in lieu of printing mistake in question number 26.

“All the students, irrespective of whether they attempted the question or not, will be eligible for 6 grace marks”, said an official statement.

CBSE has accepted to the printing mistake in the question involving differential equation which should have a term ey/x instead of ex/y. With the misprinting, the students had alleged and subsequently conceded by the experts on the panel, that it was impossible to solve the question and students probably had lost precious time in trying to find the answer.

However Parents Forum for Meaningful Education has raised doubts if granting such grace marks would really compensate the mistake on the part of the Board and is justified, without Board learning any lesson from such mistakes which appear almost every year.

Some education activists and parents have also questioned the move as to how this compensation would be enough for those students who could not complete the paper in allocated time due to loss in time in attempting a wrong question.

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