Trinity College Dublin Launches 16 Scholarships For Indian Students

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trinity college dublin launch scholarships for indian students Trinity College, Dublin has launched 16 prestigious scholarships each valued 3,000 Euros per year for Indian students studying in any of the university’s taught Master’s courses in the field of arts, humanities, social sciences, science, computer science, engineering, mathematics and health sciences.

The university’s faculty of arts, humanities and social sciences is offering five scholarships in its taught postgraduate courses along with the faculty of health sciences, which is also offering five scholarships in its taught postgraduate courses. The faculty of engineering, mathematics and science are offering four scholarships in its taught postgraduate courses. Additionally, two postgraduate research scholarships valued at 6,000 euros per year are being offered for a three years full-time study on a PhD program.

Thus overall, candidates pursuing postgraduate courses are eligible for 14 scholarships in arts, humanities, social sciences, engineering, mathematics, science and health sciences, and those pursuing postgraduate research courses are eligible for two scholarships in engineering, mathematics and science.

The university is also offering a number of undergraduate scholarships and the eligibility for this is that the candidate must be an Indian national and resident in India. Candidates must also be eligible for overseas tuition fees, and demonstrate academic ability and performance.

Interested individuals can email indian.scholarship@tcd.ie or can visit www.tcd.ie/graduate_studies for further information. The deadline for receiving applications for scholarships is February 1, 2013.

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