UGC Proposes A Separate Undergraduate Education Board in States

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UGC Proposes Separate Undergraduate Education Board in States In a bid to strengthen the collegiate education, the UGC has invited opinions from colleges and universities, in which one of the queries in the questionnaire asks the colleges to respond on “if it would be appropriate to have a state board of undergraduate education on the lines of CBSE/school boards or a separate board for undergraduate education in each university.”

Advocating the need for such a move, G Srinivas, UGC Joint Director, Western Region said that the implementation of such an idea would result in universities getting more time for postgraduate research and education.

In its questionnaire, the UGC has asked colleges and universities to list reforms that can be introduced to improve the education system. “Can colleges be affiliated to any university in the country and not be bound by geographical jurisdiction? Can the relationship between a college and a university be defined as that of a master-slave, a mother-child or any other,” are some of the other questions commission has asked in its questionnaire.

The UGC is trying to overhaul the process of college affiliation and ensure that more colleges benefit from its funding. Out of the 33,000-odd colleges in the country, only 7,000 are recognized by the UGC and receive funds for development, informed Srinivas.

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