UGC To Penalize Universities For Poor Quality Tech Institutes

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UGC To Penalize Universities For Poor Technical Institutions UGC is understood to have laid down norms afresh for universities across the country for granting affiliation and recognition to new technical institutions under them. The UGC has been recently granted this power after the Supreme Court Of India last year stripped the All Indian Council for Technical Education (AICTE) of its regulatory powers.

According to a report, the UGC has been granted powers to withhold funding for universities or even remove them from the 12(B) status which lead them to receive grants if they grant affiliation to ill-equipped technical institutions. Moreover every affiliating university will require to submit a compliance report concerning the provisions of these regulations, in respect of all affiliated technical colleges to the UGC annually and also upload it on the university’s website.

Henceforth new technical colleges shall be granted affiliation subject to the condition that they provide an undertaking to apply for assessment to the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) within six months from the date of issue of Letter of Intent. All technical colleges which are more than six-years old shall apply for accreditation to NAAC or NBA within six months of issue of these regulations, the UGC said.

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