Undergraduate Certificate In India Studies

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The University of South Florida’s World Centre for India Studies, is introducing an ‘Undergraduate Certificate in India Studies’ beginning end-August.

The certificate program offers a broad curriculum that focuses on history, geography, society, politics, language, culture, philosophy and religion in India, the certificate is designed to give students an informative introduction to Indian society.

The purpose of the certificate course is to bring academic recognition to the rich heritage of the Indian culture, adding an academic emphasis to the world’s largest democracy and a critical partner of the United States.

The latest ranking by the US National Science Foundation places the Tampa, Florida, based institution in the elite top-50 of American research universities.

The university’s College of Business already has an India-focused study abroad program for its MIS (Management Information Systems) students who study at the Infosys campus in Mysore for about three weeks every summer.

Log On to Official Website for complete information on the certificate program.

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