Undergraduate Scholarship Offered By University of Wollongong

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Undergraduate Scholarship Offered By University of Wollongong The University of Wollongong (UOW) in partnership with the Bradman Foundation offers the UOW Bradman Scholarship to one undergraduate student from India each year. The Scholarship is open to both males and females, and is granted for the duration of the Scholar’s undergraduate program. A new Scholar is selected at the end of each calendar year.

The UOW Bradman Scholarship is to support study at the University of Wollongong to a student who has already received an unconditional offer of a place in a UOW course. The UOW Bradman Scholar must maintain full-time enrollment for the duration of his/her UOW course.

This scholarship will give the selected candidate an opportunity to play cricket/regional cricket/professional cricket depending on his/her performance. One of the mandatory eligibility criteria is that the applicant must have a club or higher level of participation as a player in the sport of cricket. The other eligibility conditions are, the candidate must currently residing in India, who have turned 18 years of age, prior to the commencement of the UOW course; who have completed their ICSE / CBSE with a minimum 70% average in the best four academic subjects.

A candidate selected each calendar year will receive 50% tuition fee waiver for each standard academic year. Candidates have to submit a letter of application, history of education and employment , certificates of academic record, among other things.

Interested candidates may visit official webpage of THE UNIVERSITY OF WOLLONGONG BRADMAN FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME for more details and application format.

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