US Colleges Slash Tuitions Fees To $10,000

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US Colleges Reduce Fees To $10,000 Now higher education in US may not be just a dream for a middle class Indian as starting next fall, at least 10 Texas colleges are proposing to offer degrees for as little as $10,000 (Rs.5.3L), while typical cost for a four-year undergraduate degree in a modest college for in-state US residents is around $30,000 ( Rs.16L).

The new drive is expected to increase inflow of students from India, more than 100,000 of who are enrolled in US colleges any given year. The 10 schools account for 50,000 students, roughly 10% of undergrads at public universities in Texas.

Angelo State University, a 7,000-student school in San Angelo in West Texas, announced last week that it will offer a $10,000 degree starting next fall. Various schools of Texas Tech, Texas A&M University, and University of Texas have said they will follow suit, as reported by TOI .

However some are not much excited about the proposal. According to them, the quality of education will suffer. Other argue that the $10,000 target does not include variable such as campus housing and text books etc., and fee lowering has been attained in some cases by proposing expansion in the size of the class rooms, shifting some courses online, and use of visiting faculty who will be paid on per-class basis.

Full Report : TOI

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