Victorian Government To Conduct Sister School Partnership Program in Bangalore Schools

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Victorian State Government, Australia under a collaboration with Asia Education Foundation shall conduct Sister School Partnership Program in 8 Bangalore schools. The program consists of two-week study where 24 educators from eight Victorian schools will be paired with eight Bangalore schools to identify gaps and provide alternative solutions to enhance the quality of the Indian school education system.

The program seeks to discuss curriculum, teaching and learning methodologies, assessment models, the use of technology in education and establishment of regional and international student exchange programs. The delegates will interact with their respective sister schools and spend two days there to share perspectives on both country’s education systems.

The program will serve as a knowledge sharing platform for the Indian and Victorian delegates to brainstorm and develop opportunities to create a holistic school education system, according to Geoffrey Conaghan, Victorian Commissioner to India.

Karnataka and Victorian State Government already has tie ups on vocational education.

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