Britons Want Limit on Indian Students : YouGov & Migration Watch UK Survey

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Britons want limit on Indian Students A poll conducted by YouGov and Migration Watch UK says that 70% of Britons want a limit on the number of Indian and other non-EU students coming to UK for study.

According to the results, 70% said that there should be a limit while 22% said there should not and 7% did not know. Support for a limit was strong across political parties according to respondents’ intention to vote, with 70% of Conservatives, 66% of Labour and 57% of Liberal Democrats in favour of a limit.

Results of the poll were released as a task force formed to help Indian and other non-EU students affected by the recent revocation of London Metropolitan University’s licence began functioning on Monday.

The strongest support was in Scotland at 76%, while the lowest was in London at 62%. Women were more likely than men to favour a limit by 74% to 67%, Migration Watch UK said.

Seventy per cent thought that those found to have insufficient English for their courses should be deported; 84% considered that those found to be working rather than studying should be deported and 87% thought that those who had overstayed their visas after their course had finished should be deported. There was also strong support for action against bogus students.

There was also very strong support for firmer measures to prevent people coming to the UK as students if their real intention was to work. This was supported by 85% (63% strongly) and opposed by 6%.

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