CA Exam Paper Put Off Due To Faux Pass At Mumbai Exam Centre

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CA Exam Paper On Wednesday Put Off Till 24 May The Information Technology and Strategic Management paper of nationwide CA exam scheduled to be conducted on tomorrow (Wednesday 15 May) has been now rescheduled on May 24, due to the same was given out on Monday to the students by mistake at one of the examination centres in Mumbai. The actual question paper to be given out on Monday was Auditing and Assurance.

Close to 1.37 lakh students are taking the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India’s (ICAI) Intermediate (Integrated Professional Competence) Course that is a level below the CA final exam.

The mistake occurred due to wrong bundle of question papers was handed over to the exam supervisor by the clerk of Bank of Baroda where the question papers have been stored in safe vault. The mistake came to light after about 10 minutes the paper was given out to the students at Mittal College, Mumbai.

Since by then some of the students had already read the paper, the ICAI has decided to postpone the exam of Wednesday when the paper was supposed to be held.

However ICAI had directed to the college authorities to collect the right bundle of the paper from the bank vault and the exam of the Monday was conducted an hour late due to the time wasted in chaos.

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