Canceled PGIMER Chandigarh MD Entrance Examination Rescheduled On December 8

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PGIMER MD Entrance Examination Rescheduled on December 8 PGIMER Chandigarh MD Entrance Examination, which was scrapped following detection of scam to leak the question papers using blue-tooth enabled devices which led to subsequent arrest of 14 candidates including 7 girls, will now be held afresh on December 8 from 10 am to 1 pm. The official statement said that the MD Entrance Examination conducted for 78 general seats, this time around shall have arrangements for frisking at the exam centres, deployment of jammers and metal detectors. The exam centres will be declared on Monday, 19th November. The announcement to this effect was made by P K Pradhan, health secretary, Union ministry of health and family welfare, on Saturday.

Senior officials have refused to divulge further information on reinforcement of security as it’s a highly confidential matter. “We will have tight security but we cannot spell out the details as it would alert the unscrupulous elements,” said Dr Amod Gupta, dean, PGI.

Chetan PS Rao, deputy director of administration, PGIMER said that the whole episode of exposing the scandal was carried out on the basis of tip-off through email sent in by a person, the identity of whom has been guarded for obvious reasons. “As soon as we were informed a day prior to the test, the police were informed,” he said.

Meanwhile, reports filed by TOI say that after an intensive interrogation for six days, the CBI sleuths have finally zeroed in on four accused, who had played a major role in executing the plan to leak the MD/MS entrance exam question paper of the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research. These included gang kingpin P Gurivi Reddy, P Bharat Chand, P Jagdeesh and P Sidhartha. They were among 15 accused, who were arrested on November 10.

“We have recorded the independent statements of all of them and now we would confront Reddy with each of them. The other three are giving vague statements and changing it frequently,” a CBI investigating official said.

CBI sleuths had arrested 14 accused, including seven women, for their involvement in this racket. CBI officials said other 11 accused were just facilitators in various capacities and they were not aware of the racket.

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