DU SOL Option For Students Failing To Register For Regular Course

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The Delhi University applicants who do not make it to the varsity’s regular courses can now apply for the Delhi University’s School of Open Learning (DUSOL) which has several options ready for them. The school offers several benefits to its students, including a relaxed schedule that allows them to pursue course, and the option of doing a job. The students have the same curriculum and methodology of study as a regular DU student.

Although, SOL is DU’s distance learning wing, officials insist that there is no major difference between the courses offered. Generally students believe that a degree from SOL is lesser than regular DU degrees. But, this is a misconception because every student gets the same degree bearing the DU stamp.The learning content and exam pattern are also the same as that of a regular DU course. The degree is also uniform. About 3000 students have already taken admission for the current academic year. Those who wish to join should apply before July 31st, which being the last date, the officials have advised.

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