Engineering Courses in The UK

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Details on Engineering Education in UK Many of the students look for engineering courses with international recognition. UK is one of the very popular destination for engineering with a whole range of courses are on offer – starting from civil, mechanical, electrical, electronic, aeronautical , automotive and chemical to marine engineering.

There are also qualifications in general engineering, although some of them will lead you to specialise to a certain extent in a particular branch or area of engineering. However the experts always advise that the students should go for a thorough evaluation of the courses and do a through research to figure out what suits them. There are some authentic sources of information under candidates’ different levels of preliminary knowledge about opting for a branch in engineering abroad. The following links may be useful -

  1. When candidates want to know details of a institution with certain branch they want to specialise in, then visit : British Council, New Delhi
  2. When not sure about the branch & institutes the candidates may get information on about 36 prestigious institutes. Visit : Engineering Council
  3. For degree courses, check whether the course is on ECUK’s list of accredited degree course, then please visit : ECUK’s List of Accredited Degree Course (you will require to register)

One of the important requirement is the fulfillment of the required criteria and English level, which may be different in different institutions / universities. Candidates should check with the institutions they are interested in for the exact nature of the qualifications or experience, which the institutes require. If candidates do not have the standard entry qualifications, some universities offer a foundation year providing remedial or conversion tuition before he/she start with BEng / MEng. The UK National Academic Recognition Information Centre – UK NARIC is the official source of information on the comparability of international qualifications with those in the UK.

Universities and Colleges Admissions Service provides the facility to browse through about 50,000 courses and apply for undergraduate degree courses, foundation degrees (England only) and Higher National Diploma. Visit UCAS official website.

Students would always required to consult about the quality of teaching and like to go through independent reviews before they could make a choice. Visit any of the following -

  1. Quality Assurance Agency : QAA
  2. The official website for comparing UK higher education course data : UNISTATS

Cost is one of the most important factors in finding the right place apart from the right institute which the candidate may afford. London is the most expensive of the cities to stay in UK because of its capital status. However the institutes at other places than London are equally good but with less of living cost and tuition and other fees, to bring down the overall cost. Other factors to be researched include work experience opportunities, international mix of students on the programs , provision of supervision for dissertations and available facilities.

For the most authentic information on UK visa regime and application procedures visit official site of UK Border Agency : UKBA

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