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Education Abroad & Foreign Degree Education abroad and a foreign degree or course is a dream for most students and parents for their children. Many just keep on thinking or dreaming about it but don’t take a step further assuming that it can not be realized or is the privilege of some elite social class only. Actually this assumption has its origin in being ignorant about process and where to start and when. This article is an effort to bring as much complete information as possible in a simple to understand straight forward way. The readers should realize that the dream is not so much difficult to achieve and certainly not impossible for anyone. Visit the links along reading the following for detail information.

There are “4 Cs” to consider – Country, Course, College and Cost.

Popular Education Abroad Destinations :

The top five destinations and well known are – USA, United Kingdom (UK), Australia , New Zealand, and Canada. Of late Japanese Universities and Ireland are also finding favour as destinations for education abroad, for low cost, higher global peace index, cultural parity, and global recognition of the degrees awarded by their universities. These days most students are turning to Australian Universities because of liberal laws and support for finding part-time jobs to the students. About 200 reputed universities from USA have opened a common counseling centre, Narsee Monjee Centre for Excellence (NMCE) , in Mumbai in tie-up with Narsee Monjee Educational Trust, to provide the information directly from the university appointed officials and eliminate the role of agents who dupe people and misguide about universities and other procedures.

Working out the right permutation and combination is important while selecting the course and country.Study the difference in the eligibility criteria, which could also influence a destination suitable for you. For example , for an MBA aspirant with non-management background, Australia would be more suitable and easy to get admission than in USA or UK.

You have to also do a comparative study of different levels of programs. The programs come in three formats, degrees, diplomas and certificate programs, and the recognition of Universities, Polytechnics or private colleges. Some foreign university consultants are more of marketers than consultants and there is chance a desperate candidate may fall prey to their intentions. According to Tom Harkins Report about 63% of the students leave without taking a final degree from US universities, a fact that was little known among Indians, as no failures / drop out comes to the fore and openly discussed. The story is not much different about education consultants for countries other than USA. Some consultants generally direct students only to schools and programs that pay them, and have a history of engaging in online marketing using aggressive and misleading methods, according to a report. So it is better to cross check the information from multiple consultants or get in direct contact with the universities or their authorized representatives.

Educational Loan Scheme for Education Abroad and Higher Education :

Raising the money for the studying abroad is an important part to be addressed. Particularly parents are extremely concerned about and mostly think, it may not be in their capacity of savings thus far to send their ward abroad for education. However government has launched a loan scheme for education abroad and higher studies and also have provided guidelines for the banks prepared by IBA.

Loan applications can be rejected, too. If there are some doubts about the university (that is, if the university is not recognised) or there are courses such as post-graduate diplomas and vocational courses, banks might not sanction the loan.

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