Nancy Powell Concerned About Quality of Education In India

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Nancy Powell Concerned About Quality of Education In India US Ambassador to India, Nancy Powell, expressed concern over the quality of education in India while underlining the need to address the gap in reading levels to prepare children for the future.

Nancy Powell heaped praises on the Right to Education Act (RTE) passed by Government of India in her address to a gathering at the function of All Children Reading Grand Challenge Awards. While expressing satisfaction over the increase in percentage of children in the age group of 6-14 years to up to 96.6, she was worried over the quality which remains a concern and a major challenge across the entire education system of India according to her.

Citing recent international assessments and national surveys that have concluded that learning levels in India are very low at the primary level, the US Ambassador said if the gap in reading ability is not addressed they would continue to lag behind in all subjects as they move through the system.

“The future economic potential of millions of children depends on their ability to learn to read, and read effectively, during their primary school years,” Nancy Powell said.

Powell said USAID fundamentally transformed its approach to education to help address this crisis in quality and that it was not going to measure its success by the number of children in school but by the effectiveness they demonstrate in the classroom as measured by child outcomes.

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