Govt Proposes National Higher Education Qualification Framework For Seamless Recognition

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Govt proposes education framework for seamless recognition The HRD Ministry of the Central Government has proposed to launch National Higher Education Qualification Framework (NHEQF) which in effect seek to provide standardisation in terms of minimum entry qualification, program durations, teaching-learning processes and learning outcome.

“With the present system being unique to the country with range of complexities and divergences across levels, the framework would seek to provide a comprehensive definition of a single system of levels for all qualifications offered by a variety of higher educational institutions across discipline. ” the officials said. The aim would be universal acceptability, recognition and equivalence of not only the degrees but also the qualifications.

At present many universities/institutions find it difficult to determine equivalence and recognition of qualification earned by students from other universities, apart from finding acceptability in other countries.

The proposal will be taken up at the Central Advisory Board on Education (CABE) meet on November 1. CABE is an apex body on education. Currently, there are over 600 university level institutions and more than 36,000 colleges in the country.

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