Undergraduate Engineers Develop Oxygen Saving Device

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A team of young undergraduate engineers, Nilanjan Ghosh, Dipayan Jash and Akram Ali, all third-year students at MCKV Institute of Engineering (MCKIVE), Howrah (India), claim to have designed a device that will help save a large amount of oxygen for a patient on ventilation. The device which reduces wastage of oxygen during ventilation and acts as a non-invasive ventilator, has been named Oxy-Con.

The device can bring down the cost for an hour’s continuous oxygen supply from Rs.50 to Rs.17. The functioning of device is based on the principle that the ratio between inhaling and exhaling is 1:2, which means the total inspiration time is just 20 seconds. As such, the effective oxygen per minute is just 20 seconds while the wastage is 40 seconds. The device could also foretell when the gas pressure would reach less than four kg which was the time for cylinder replacement.

The device could be used at home, nursing homes or rehabilitation institutions on patients with chronic breathing ailments or illnesses that require long-term ventilator assistance.

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