Big Data – Big Job Opportunity

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The “Big Data” industry – the ability to access, analyze and use humungous volumes of data through specific technology – will require a whole new army of data workers globally. India itself will require a minimum of 1,00,000 data scientists in the next couple of years. in addition to scores of data managers and data analysts, to support the fast emerging Big Data space.

According to a McKinsey study, the US alone would face a defici of 1,92,000 data scientists against its requirement of 4,90,000 by 2018. The demand has arisen because global enterprises today use only 5% of the data they create and store. The potential in this field opens up newer business avenues and revenue steams for enterprises, more so for customer-facing businesses and governments.

But the issue is, data scientists are not an easy talent to get. They are difficult combinations of mathematicians, statisticians, analysts and technologists. Though India doesn’t have enough of this talent at the moment, tech firms like EMC, Oracle, IBM, etc. under their academic alliance programs, are already working or planning to work with universities in India and overseas to help introduce full-length electives or crash courses on various facets of Big Data. Training outfits like NIIT, Aptech, etc. too are exploring the space.

Many training outfits are currently in the process of understanding the industry to decide on what kind of courses should be designed to churn out an army of specialized skilled talent to feed the Big Data industry.

According to Andreas Weigend, head of social Data Lab at Stanford University, making sense of Big Data is combination of organizations having the tools, skills and, more importantly, the mindset to see data as the new “oil” fueling a company. Unfortunately the technology has evolved faster than workforce skills.

Source : Times Of India Report

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