Indian Engineering Graduates Lack Employability : Survey

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Graduate Engineers If a survey carried out by Purpleleap, a talent management firm is to be believed, then only one-tenth of students of tier 2, 3 and 4 engineering colleges are readily employable. The national survey by a private educational agency, conducted across 12 states with graduates who had scored more than 60% marks observes that one-third of them are not employable even after the training. More than communication skills, it is the lack of technical skills that featured prominently in the survey.

According to an educational consultant, students can communicate in their mother tongue and English can be learnt later. What is more important is that they know how to apply theoretical knowledge they have acquired in college.

The analysis of the findings of the survey point to certain serious shortcomings. One of the most important being that, the focus in colleges is to prepare students for exams and there is lack of practical applications in technical education which makes graduates unemployable.

However there are a few suggestions too from the people who carried out the survey. Students need to be given opportunities to be part of projects. Being part of an actual project will train them for future jobs. Software companies like Google and Microsoft conduct international-level programs in colleges. Likewise, national firms should also conduct programs.

It is also suggested that engineers, like teachers and lawyers, must have a ‘engineering eligibility test’, which will help streamline standards of engineering education.

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