Option To Choose Best GRE Score Available From July 2

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Candidates appearing for the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) will now have the option of selecting their test scores before applying to universities. The score select option has begun from July 2, a statement released on Monday by Educational Testing Service (ETS) that conducts the examination said. Candidates can decide which test scores to send to the institutions they choose, so they can send the scores they feel reflect their personal best.

For example, if a candidate wants to go to either Harvard or Yale University and he/she only wants to send Harvard the latest test scores. Then the candidate can click ‘Most Recent’ option and Harvard will only see the candidate’s most recent scores. For Yale, if the candidate wants to send them all three scores, then he/she can select the ‘all’ option and Yale University will receive all of his/her scores.

Individuals taking the paper-based GRE revised General Test or a Subject Test will select their options prior to test day. The “Score Select” option focuses on helping test takers succeed on the road to an advanced degree because they can approach test day with more confidence, the statement further added.

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