ETS Opens More Seats For GRE revised General Test

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ETS Opens More Seats For GRE Revised General Test Graduate Record Examination (GRE) program official Christine Betaneli has announced that following the popularity of the test due to recently introduced changes, the ETS has made additional seats available for the exam dates in December.

Recent reduction in test fees, test retake policy and newly introduced ScoreSelect feature has been attracting more aspirants towards GRE revised General Test. Betaneli has issued an advisory to the aspirants to take the advantage of the additionally added seats by registering for these new test dates as soon as possible. The details of the additional seats have been uploaded on the official website.

The GRE ScoreSelect option allows test-takers to decide which GRE scores from their reportable history should be sent to the institutions they designate. So this option helps the GRE test-takers approach the test fearlessly as only the best one can be used later selectively. The GRE revised General Test now has the option of taking the test once every 30 days, and up to five times within any continuous rolling 12-month period under the new test retake policy.

GRE revised General Test is one of the most important and mandatory admissions test accepted by graduate and business school programs worldwide, giving test-takers more opportunities at international universities.

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