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     Guides Guìas has been created to provide the service of professional certified guides along with private transportation without the middleman !


    Let us show you arround our

    "Neck of the Woods"


    Adress: Cancun Mex.
    Col.Lombardo Toledano SMZ.74 MZ-7 L-4 C-3


    Nextel I.D.







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    "Let Us Show You Our Neck of the Woods"

    In mayan language they say

    "wueya none"

    (We are here)




    When we are referring to the ¨Mayas¨ we are including as well: Guatemala, Belice, El Salvador, Honduras and the South of Mxico (the Peninsula of


    Yucatan, Chiapas and Tabasco)  The descendants of this great civilization  still living in communities- while preserving the language and customs of their past.



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    You will learn everything about civilization ¨Maya¨`s history, different architectual styles, archae-astronomy, the mathematical number system and  relation to the Mayan calendar (2012).




    ¨The Whole Kit and Caboodle¨



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