What Is Progressive Jackpot And How To Win It

What Is Progressive Jackpot And How To Win It

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You could say there is nothing popular than online casino games nowadays, and you would be right. Online games as such are an excellent way to spend your free time and have fun, but the opportunity to win money in the process makes it amazing. Every man, gambler or not, has to try playing pokies even if it is just for fun with a free-to-play option. Now, when we’re speaking of the money, you need to know there isn’t such a thing as a sure win, but there is always a chance, even if it is a little one, that you could earn some money just for you. Amounts of money you can win aren’t usually very big, but enough to cover your losses if you aren’t an addictive gambler. This sometimes isn’t enough for pokies lovers so they look for games that could bring them more money. Those games are online Progressive pokies.
If you’re asking yourself about how it works, you should know that unlike the other regular pokies they don’t have fixed value jackpots. Progressive pokies jackpot keeps increasing its value until a lucky player wins. Some of these jackpots are worth millions or even billions of dollars.

And who wouldn’t want to win that? A chance to win enormous amounts of money is the thing that attracts all the casino players out there, and even when they know there is almost no chance for them to win, they keep playing, just for the thrill and risk if nothing else.

Players always know the size of the jackpot in advance, which makes it even more attractive, watching how it increases slowly can make any person’s blood boiling for gambling adrenaline. The fact that players can see jackpot rising makes them play pokies more. The greater the value, the lower chance to win, but this doesn’t stop players, in fact, when the jackpot hits its maximum, gamblers get more and more interested. The more the players, the bigger chance to win. So if you want to know about a strategy to win, keep this in mind, wait for the jackpots maximum and then rush for it, it just might pay off to you.

Both the gamblers and non-players believe progressive pokies are too good to be true and avoid them, unfortunately for them, everyone who ever won can confirm it is a real deal. A jackpot financiers are the ones that lost all their bets, their bets are, in fact, the reason why it increases from time to time. This means a casino determines only the beginning sum of the progressive jackpot and players increase its value by playing pokies. The one who wins, wins it all, money from the casino and money from other players.

Such a nice way to becoming a millionaire. One more tip – if you’re planning on placing a bet on progressive pokies, placing the maximum bet size will increase you the chances for success. However, it will also increase the jackpot’s value for the next player if you lose.

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Online Gambling World Records

Online Gambling World Records

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Gambling is one of the leisure activities everyone tried themselves at least once, and over the years it just got more and more popular. Numerous ways of gambling are present all over the world, betting on a horse to win a race, placing a bet on your team to win a football match, playing online simulated gambling games or watching a shell game on the street.

You certainly were a gambler once. Online gambling is the latest trend in the gambling world, and there are even online casino websites and simulated slot machines for you to play.

Now, like in any other sport or activity, even gamblers earned their place in the Guinness Book of World Records. If you are interested, look at the few most unusual and intriguing records listed below.

1. Biggest amount won via the online casino.

A student from Norway set a record in this ‘discipline’ when he won a bet in Mega Fortune Slot in September 2011. This 20-year-old young man became a billionaire over night and got 11.7 million Euros. However, after almost two years, this record was broken by a Finland resident in January 2013 and in the same online game. The amount of money this man won was almost 18 million Euros. Some game this Mega Fortune Slot, if you’re lucky, maybe just you are the next in line.

2. The largest amount of losses.

Japanese entrepreneur and an affectionate gambler allegedly lost incredible 127 millions of dollars. Even though it is unbelievable and fascinating for us, but not so much for him, at this time we don’t have the confirmation that it is really true. However, there is a court case, and it isn’t finished, so all this is, is an allegation.

Besides this Japanese entrepreneur, the person who held the record for this ‘discipline’ before him was an Australian gambler who lost 20 million dollars in a matter of three weeks. Nothing compared to the first loser, ha? If you are a smart player, make sure you don’t break this record. The fame this record gave them is surely nothing compared to what they lost.

3. Largest online poker tournament.

The famous PokerStars, online casino, still holds the record for the biggest online poker tournament. The first time they set the record was in the year 2009 when they accommodated more than 150,000 players. Unbelievable fact, however, this record was broken once again but by the same casino, in the year 2011, this casino succeeded in accommodating more than 200,000 players at one poker tournament.

PokerStars casino holds one more world record, and it is connected to the first two, the largest number of players hosted in one poker room, this figure is just a little above 152,000 players at once. Can you just imagine how popular this casino is today?

If you’re looking for a casino to start playing, start with this one, you probably won’t regret it, and you’ll even get a 300$ bonus on the first deposit.

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How To Play Pokies On IPhone

How To Play Pokies On IPhone

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Due to American laws about gambling the IPhone had a late start when it comes to online casinos and pokies. But several years, after the entry of the Android in this business, the iPhone gained a green light, and they were able to enter the business as well.

Playing pokies on IOS devices is similar to playing them on Android devices, but there are some minor differences. Instead of falling into the monotony of the comparison, we will explain everything you need to know about iPhone pokies.

Before everything else, you will have to find a casino that is entirely compatible with iOS systems. It might seem strange, but not all casinos have an app that can run on an iPhone. It took a lot of time, but right now you can play many iPhone pokies on the go. You will also want a game that is compatible with your device. This is important for touch-screen and some other essential functions.

Don’t expect the diversity of the games you see on the PC, which is impossible. There are still some excellent pokies you can play on your iPhone, including the most known games from Microgaming. Last two or three years saw the considerable progress of mobile gaming, and this applies to pokies and iOS devices as well. Every new game comes with full compatibility with iOS devices.


Older pokies that are still modern gain overhauls to enable compatibility. In past, the major issue with mobile device gaming, that utilized money, was the banking process. But right now you can register with any casino that supports your device and completes all necessary requirements over your phone. Of course, it is easier to do all of that from a PC, but you got these options if you like them more. You can deposit your money through standard credit and debit cards, or you can use some alternative payment methods. The only downside of the banking method for iPhone players is that it doesn’t support PayPal (the largest online payment method).
iPhone pokies come in two forms, web-browser based and applications. The difference in graphics is minor, and the games are same. The only significant difference between these two ways to play pokies is the internet speed.
Once you download the application for a casino or a pokies game, the only connection to the web is the transfer of data. This means that there won’t be glitches if you connect to an overcrowded Wi-Fi spot.
The web usage of browser-based pokies is several times bigger than usage from application-based pokies. The reasons for this are obvious. To start the browser game, the game has to load and that requires a lot of internet speed. Different graphical effects and sounds are also directly pulled to the phone which burdens the internet connection even more.

If you have a powerful iPhone, then you won’t have any issues with playing application-based pokies. But if you have an older model, but you have good internet speed then browser pokies are the better solution.

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How To Play Pokies Online – A Path To Success

How To Play Pokies Online – A Path To Success

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Each man who claims that you can do something to ensure a win when playing poker games online is surely lying. The outcome of each game depends only on your luck, the reason why is the fact that every game uses Random Number Generator which ‘decides’ your luck. It shows the symbols, number or pictures without any order, and you cannot predict next move even if you try.

However there is something you can do to increase your chances of winning, this also means the success is not sure.

Make sure you have fun while playing that way you won’t regret losing money. You have to acknowledge the fact that there is nothing you can do if you win, you did, if you don’t you lost and that’s it. The faster you acknowledge it, the faster you will become a reasonable gambler, and you won’t be one of those hopeless addicts who are the greatest threat of gambling.

Determine the line you won’t cross. Decide how much money you can spend, determine your bankroll and only then start playing. Don’t spend the money you don’t have or money you need for something more important, think about your family, their needs, and something you want more than gambling. When you determine your budget, you can even set up a maximum amount for each bet. This will increase your chances of winning and you won’t lose everything at once.
Choose the type of the machine you want to play on. Online pokies machines with the biggest number of reels offer greatest payouts, but there is also less chance to win. Choose the 3-reeled machine, and they often have the best chances of winning. Educate yourself about payout odds of each machine, and you will know exactly what to expect when you start playing. Superstition isn’t your friend. Don’t think you can only win playing one game or on one machine, as we already mentioned each device is based on RNG system and every machine is as good as your ‘lucky’ one. One of the strategies long-term players use is increasing bet sizes when winning and lowering them when losing. This is, in fact, a very reasonable plan, unless you keep in mind an RNG system, that means that after every win there can be loss and after every loss, there can be a win.

You can say that there isn’t a sure path to success, but this is the best you can get. If you apply each tip from this list, you will increase your chances of winning significantly, but if you lose, that is just your luck. The most important thing to remember, even if you don’t believe in these ‘tactics’ is that you have to stop when it’s time. You’re risking much more than just your money, you’re risking your happiness, your family, and your peacefulness.

If you let gambling become your obsession, it surely won’t end well, and the big win you’re hoping to achieve will never happen.

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Best Online Poker Games

Best Online Poker Games

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If you are a fan of online poker, you will be pleased to know that now you can play the same game on your phone anywhere you go. It doesn’t matter if you are new to it or a highly experienced poker player. With online poker games, you can enter a table based on your level to balance the players and their levels.

 This way you can’t play on the same table with someone who has thousands and thousands of dollars in his bank and a level over 80. The best thing about it is that you can play it anytime you want, just like in a real casino that works 24/7 every day.

Pokies You Should Play.

There are a lot of online pokies games and finding the right one can be hard. If you want to know the difference between a good pokies game and bad one you need to keep an eye on two things. Bonus chips are granted once you open an account with specific pokies game provider.

Not every pokies game gives bonus chips to the player so to get a head start find the ones that have bonus chip icon next to download button or on the website next to the link. Another thing you should keep in mind when looking for the best pokies game is the amount of games it has to offer. This will give you space to use various tactics of switching slot machine games and picking other room for poker tables.

Safe Betting.

If you are new to this kind of online games, you will want to spend as little as possible in the beginning to avoid bankruptcy. To do this stick to the low-ranked server and make your bets minimal. You don’t want to spend all your bonus chips in one game, so the best thing to do is to plan how much you are prepared to spend at each table.

If you are a fan of slot machine games, you will want to limit your coins per line. Slot machines usually have three rows with 3 or 4 fruits or shapes. You can limit the coins that you invest for every row. This way you can place the same amount on all three lines.

Know your limit.

To avoid bankruptcy, you need to know when to stop. This applies to poker games, blackjack and slot machines. Discipline is important for gambling. So if you are down on luck, and you are losing in each turn leave the table and take a moment to clear your head. This will help you regain focus and possibly bring your luck back. If this doesn’t help and you continue to lose stop playing and forget about gambling online for that day. So it is important not to insist on playing when every hand you get is bad and every other turn you lose.

Download the app today or visit your favorite casino website and start gambling today.

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Are The Online Pokies The Best Way Of Killing Time?

Are The Online Pokies The Best Way Of Killing Time?

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Waiting in a long line at the bank busiest hour, stuck in traffic or just plain old bored? Since the invention of the smart phone, the way we experience these moments of boredom has changed a lot. With hundreds of apps on our phones and millions of others waiting to be downloaded it has never been easier to kill time and entertain yourself.

Another pastime that has been entertaining us in different situations are poker machines. Existing for over a hundred years now, they are a sound piece of history by now, beginning as the way to pass the time in bars and casinos. Since then, technologies changed, pokie machines evolved to electric miracles of many makes and colors.

Then, they evolved, even more, becoming digital until a point where they are not only digital but also mobile. We came a long way from the big clunky machines that would require four persons just to move to another corner of the room. Now, there are thousands of different online pokies available to you and most of the have dozens of different versions inside of the each app.

So what is it that makes us crave and love pokies so much? With online pokies, the answer is clear and quite easy. When you are online, you can still play with friends even though you are sitting at home. One of the ways pokies got to be so popular is because people would go to their favorite bars to socialize and then play a game or two at their machine of choice. Today, we can do the same even when we aren’t able to go and meet other people in person. Now, we can do it online.

Also, playing with other people is always more entertaining and challenging since the feeling of playing against the machine is never as satisfying as the competition against another person. You can play pokies just for fun or for the money, and the online version of the money pokies is amazing since it lets you make money without even getting up from your chair.

Online pokies are one of the most popular gaming varieties on the market, and they are only getting more popular by the day. They are easy to access, fun to use and the payout is also quite the stimulant. With the system of secure payments and reliable accounts protecting your data and your money, it’s a small wonder million of people around the world choose this sort of pass time.

All you need for the pleasure of mobile pokies is a smartphone to play it on. Most pokies will work on any of the recent Android, iOS or Windows phone versions, just search your app store for the results. You will also need an internet connection to play, and if you wish to invest money, you will need a bank account to transfer your funds into the game.

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